Sale and Purchase

New Vessels / Second Hand / Demolition Candidate

JWT CORP offers Brokering services for Sale & Purchase of New Vessels and Second Hand Vessels

For New Vessels, Our Experts can negotiate new building contracts directly with the right Shipyard that meets your requirement., thereby offering techical expertise and addressing the regulatory issues that needs to be addressed.

Our ability to understand your requirements is one of our core expertise in the Sale and Purchase Brokering division of JWT CORP. We maintain regular contacts with shipyards globally and we have very good business relationship with shipyards in India, China, Korea, thereby advising our clients of the potential for them.

We also have experts to deal in second-hand and project related sales of all types of tonnage. Once the client informs us of their requirement., we keep them updated on the market opportunities, collected through our data intelligence assessment and monitoring. We help our clients in expansion and disposal of tonnage to meet their growing fleet demand in compliance with the new shipping policies to suit the markets serviced by them.

The sale and Purchase Brokering Division also offers assistance in credible, fast and reliable valuation service for Financial Institutions, Insurance underwriters, legal firms and vessel owners. Through our fleet finance division., we can also offer assistance in funding the sale and purchase of new vessels.

JWT Corp., aim is to assist our clients with their requirements irrespective of the Size and offer them flexible options given the current market Scenario. Our Experts will be happy to discuss your requirements in confidential.

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