Bank Mandiri - Indonesia's Scammers Bank
A Joint venture between Indonesian Bank and Hackers ( PT PRIMA GLOBAL SINAGRIKA)

Indonesia's Notorious Bank Does it Again..

Recently an Invoice JWT Send to one of its client was intercepted  by an Indonesian Hacker at our clients email. The email  of our client was under monitor by the Indonesian hacker and they then deleted our email and set-up an email id simillar to our corporate email id using email service. Then they changed the banking details in the Invoice and send the email to client to bait them for the banking details changed., However our long time client immediately grew suspicious and contacted us by phone. 

He was then able to find that his email had been hacked and had to re-set his security.  The following client banking details were inserted into it the Invoice and global attention is drawn to the following Banking details.
Branch Address:Jakarta ITC, Fatmawati Indonesia.
Account/Beneficiary Name:PT PRIMA GLOBAL SINAGRIKA
Account No:127-00-0973960-6
A further investigation by our International partners had revealed that Bank Mandiri which is based in Indonesia is bank with no KYC or quality controll for customer service. The bank has also also been used several notorious organisation for illegal trades. One of them is spoofing Indonesian Seafood Exporters account.

Bank Mandiri is technically a bank that is not safe to deal when it comes to global trade and no reputation in the international market. Business Enterprises are warned not to deal with this bank and its customers as most of them are incompetent.

We had traced down this account holder and found that he is an IT GUY who runs a racing company and owns a company called Big Box Creative which is a front end for this scam in Indonesia. Many of the Indonesia's IT poor people are resorting to running hacking and extortion racket to survive due to lack on Job opportunity in the country.

In cannot be ignored that Bank Mandiri's Role in this type of Scam. It can also be clearly suspected without evidence that Bank Mandiri in house Staff are involved in this scam. The find dormant account and collude with the hackers to receive funds into this account. Once the funds are received., it is split and withdrawn by Cash at Counters so as to avoid the trace.

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